Health Without Sacrifice

Remember in the last post, when I said I had no New Years Resolutions?

I completely take it back.

My resolution? Learn to take better pictures! ‘Cause this picture does not do this treat justice. Although this may appear as muck, rest assure that it’s a piece of muck from heaven. I don’t know why I haven’t posted this until now, because I’ve had this recipe from waaayyy before I even started this blog.

Every week, my dad buys a bundle of avocados. Due to the holidays, however, we have been lagging behind with eating them. As a result, my kitchen has accumulated 10 avocados- all ready to be devoured. Translation: experiment time for me! I already made 2 batches of guacamole for the post-holiday party at the program I volunteer at. Plus, I whipped up this Chocolate Avocado Mousse. Unlike the traditional chocolate mousse, there’s no butter, sugar, or…

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