Health Without Sacrifice

Winter break has finally arrived! Yay! And so, as a mini celebration, I present a cookie recipe. What separates this from the traditional pb cookie? It’s basically edible play dough! My friend and I had so much fun molding our cookies into fun shapes and holiday outlines. I recommend making these with kids. Believe me, they’ll have a blast. My favorite part? Basic ingredients? Yummy? Quick to make? Actually fun to make? It’s hard to decide.

Before anybody says that I am going against my blog’s name, let me explain. Having 1 or 2 cookies now and then is nothing to stress about (especially if they are homemade and made with wholesome ingredients). In fact, eating something sweet now and again is a way to avoid a complete binge (in my case anyway). Second, these cookies contain ingredients that are good for you, thereby making this an edible choice as…

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