Eat Breathe Live Free

I haven’t had bread of any kind for almost two years. Nada. I can’t have grains of any kind.  I even tried the coconut and almond breads.  I just haven’t been able to tolerate them.  I’ve gotten used to not having bread.  But, I must say, there are days when I just want to grab a slice of something and run out the door.  I get tired of cooking a full meal every morning and honestly, with three kids there isn’t always time.  I want “bread” I can eat!!!

I had to juice a bunch of carrots awhile back and had all this pulp left over. I hated to throw it away.  I know there are recipes where you can use the pulp for cookies.  I started to reach for my cook books, then the idea hit me.  I looked up a few recipes that used almonds and zucchini for…

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2 thoughts on “

  1. eatbreathelivefree says:

    Thank you for the reblog. Good luck on your journey and I’ll be checking back for recipe ideas!!!

  2. Admin says:

    No worries, i’m following your blog so anything that I see that looks like something I want to try out or is nutritionally sound i’ll be sure to keep reblogging. Hopefully I can conjure up some more recipe ideas today!


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