Meal Plan Sunday + Mushroom/Sausage/Escarole soup recipe

(Not As) Big Bob

Hi friends! We have had such warm weather this weekend! Yesterday Bob & I took Stanley for a walk up to Starbucks — it was about a 3 mile walk round trip – and by the end of the trip I was getting too warm in my sweatshirt. It was wonderful! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too.

Now we’re watching some football and I’m about to get started on dinner prep for tonight, which reminded me to post our meal plan. I’ll also post our grocery list if that helps!

For the record, the new recipe I tried last week with the shrimp was DELICIOUS. It ended up looking like this:

shrimp stew

And we ate it over cauliflower “rice”. The leftovers may have been even better the next day for lunch. I highly recommend it. Took about 15 minutes to make total!! The only thing I did differently was double…

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