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Day 21 – Update + Body Stats


Body stats:

44.5″ waist measurement down from 46″ (-1.5″)
228.8lb down from 239.6lb (-10.8lb) in 21 days,
Bodyfat somewhere between 32-35% down from 35-38%  (-3% or so) :).

The first 9lb was off in the first 13 days. I was amazed to say the least but the past week i’ve not really been commited as I would have liked. I haven’t ate particularily bad but going to sleep at the right hours, tracking calorie intake, getting up early enough, and managing to eat as much as needed has been a total struggle and really a failure.

It started with repeating a few meals and eating left overs for a few days, kind of put me off food for a while in general so I need to get creative with some new ideas. Then the weekend came and I managed to go all day without eating… I reached for a non paleo treat in porridge… might not be the most indulgent of non paleo goods but I really loved it before, i’d say my stomach didn’t appreciate it much and grains really aren’t good for you! lol.

Anyway, i’m still here! And i’m still on target and the weight is dropping off… now to get back onto things properly and ramp up the weight loss again :). I also now have 20 days worth of beard growth, I should have taken a picture a day!

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