So how to work out your body fat? and why you should care?

High amounts of body fat in today’s populations, correlate with the increase in a number of hazardous disorders and diseases for the human race whether diabetes or any number of other disorders.

The Subcutaneous fat is the fat that is just beneath the surface of the skin, which is what I tend to suffer with most… its what produces that typical jelly wobble effect, however ugly to look at its not what you should really be worried out.
The Visceral fat is the one that you need to be concerned with, this is contained around the organs and when developing and being stored around the liver and other organs it can lead to serious health problems arising and it should be addressed as your primary concern.

There are different ways to calculate body fat, the most accurate method today is probably the Bodpod (google it), if you have a center near you perhaps you can arrange a body assessment.
My preferred method of measurement is using Calipers, I picked up some Accu-measure body fat Calipers off of Ebay for less than £5 and the results are great. I used a tool by Jeff Likeness which gave great results.

I ended up buying a pair of Withings Wifi Body Fat Scales which sync to the cloud and keep my data logged and you can keep track of my body weight curve here:

Lean mass = Body weight – Body Fat



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