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Foil bag baked Chilli & Lime Salmon with stir fried veg


Salmon Stir Fry

Per serving aim:
36.8g protein
21g carbs (8.4g of sugars max)
21g fat
6g fiber
420 cals

Per serving actual:
36g protein
17g carbs (10g of sugar)
26g fat
6g fiber
442 cals

110g Asda Scottish Wild Salmon Fillet
100g Broccoli
100g Carrots (Sliced thin lengthways)
50g Savoy Cabbage
1 Teaspoons Olive Oil
2 Teaspoons Low Sodium Soy Sauce
Chilli Pepper
Lime zest+Juice
1 Garlic clove

Serves: 1


Create throw in the chilli peppers and some lime zest+juice into some olive oil, wrap salmon in foil bag with teaspoon of this marinade to clavor and dust the top of the salmon with some chilli pepper.

Stir fry veg with some olive oil and soy sauce… throw together. Was really impressed with the flavor :).

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