Target Heart Rate

So what is your Target Heart Rate?

This is the area that you should work out at in order to burn the correct amount of calories, this calculation method might not be the greatest but it works for me.

220-((AGE)=24) = (Maximum Heart Rate= 196)

196-((Resting Heart Rate) = 76) = 120

120*65% (Low) or 120*85% (High) = 78 or 102

Low (65%) = 78 + 76(RHR) = 154bpm

High (85%) = 102 + 76(RHR) = 178bpm

Warm up  (50%) = 60+76(RHR) = 136bpm

So to burn 10 calories per minute I want to work out between 136-154bpm and 12 calories per minute between 154-178bpm. However exercise above 65% Target Heart rate has been shown to catabolise muscle (process of eating muscle) as it burns more fuel from carbohydrates rather than fats.



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